The Wedding Day You've Dreamed Of.......

Is Here...

We Would Be Honored to Tell Your Story



We would be thrilled to be the photographers with you on this joyous occassion, documenting a day you will always remember.  There is A LOT that goes into this one day and it moves along very quickly.  Your timeline is unique to you and we understand that the day is about celebrating your love with friends and family. We will ensure that your day flows the way you want.  We hope to have as many conversations as needed to be of service to you.

Every moment of your day counts, each and every moment is special.  We love capturing those candid moments but we know how important those formal portraits are too.  They include the people you are closest to.  These photos often get a bad rap.  Nobody knows where to stand or what to do with their hands, and they take too much time. That's not what anyone wants, so leave it up to us to help make these, beautiful and stress free memories, with a natural feeling to them. 

Ohhhhh those magical in-between moments.  We are always looking for those tender moments between two lovers, a kiss, an embrace or a tear.  And then there are those great expressions of excitement or silliness amongst your beloved family and friends.

It's all in the details and we understand how much time you have invested to make your wedding day beautiful and unique to you both.  We will capture all of them!

We live in a digital age and we know how important those digital files are to you, they are the negatives of days gone by.  But we also believe everyone should have a physical representation of this momentous occasion.  We include a beautifully matted print and hope you will let us design a beautiful album or folio box as well.




Q:  How would you describe Mountain Bay’s photographic style

We want your photos to be soulful and timeless.  Our approach is mostly documentary but for those more posed photos we will help guide you into a flattering, natural, and beautiful pose.


Q: How many photos should I expect from my day?

The typical answer is...a lot.  We don’t limit the number of photos we provide to our clients.  To some degree it depends on the length of your event and the venue. But we also don’t want you to have to look through a group of photos where there is such a minor difference that it’s hard to notice so we will use our artisitic eyes to put together a gallery of photos that represent the best photos of your day. 


Q: Do you use natural or artificial light?

Natural light is very beautiful and when the conditions are right we will utilize it, but the truth is that most events require artificial light.  That is why it is so important to have photographers with professional lighting equipment with years of experience using it so that artificial light looks natural and not flashy.  Almost all of the photos in our portfolio were taken using some kind of artificial light, even if it was just a pop of light used to fill in shadows on a mostly natural light shot.


Q: Is it possible to see a full gallery of an event?

Yes, we would be happy to show you examples of  some complete galleries.