“I found a fruitful world because my ancestors planted it for me. Likewise I am planting for my children.” – Talmud, Taanit 23A


Your child's Bar or Bat Mitzvah is a special time in your family's life.  We would be honored to preserve the memory of this day capturing all of the joyful moments. We understand that you have spent a great deal of time planning for your son or daughter to enter this new phase in their  lives.  We know how proud everyone you include in this day will be of your child.  We will capture all of those connections and relationships that are important in their lives.  From the formal portraits you may want, to the celebration afterward, we will document your day as we celebrate this time with you.  


Q:  How would you describe Mountain Bay’s photographic style

We have a modern style that captures the energy and beauty of your event. Our approach is mostly documentary and we know those more formal portraits can be stressful, no one knows where to stand or what to do with their hands.  No need to worry, we will guide you into flattering and natural poses that speak to your families dynamics.

Q:  Since you don’t live close to one another will you both be at my event?

Yes we will!  We enjoy photographing weddings and mitzvahs together so much that Greg travels south and Dawn travels north as needed.


Q: How many photos should I expect from my day?

The typical answer is...a lot.  We don’t limit the number of photos we provide to our clients.  To some degree it depends on the length of your event and the venue. But we also don’t want you to have to look through a group of photos where there is such a minor difference that it’s hard to notice so we will use our artisitic eyes to put together a gallery of photos that represent the best photos of your day. 


Q: Do you use natural or artificial light?

Natural light is very beautiful and when the conditions are right we will utilize it, but the truth is that most events require artificial light.  That is why it is so important to have photographers with professional lighting equipment with years of experience using it so that artificial light looks natural and not flashy.  Almost all of the photos in our portfolio were taken using some kind of artificial light, even if it was just a pop of light used to fill in shadows on a mostly natural light shot.


Q: Is it possible for me to see a gallery of a complete event?

By all means.  We would be happy to show you an example of a full gallery.