Bianca and Faith, a Vermont Elopement at the Ira Allen Inn

I was recently contacted to do an elopement ceremony for Bianca and Faith and I was really excited to meet this young couple, and my only trepidation was that it was the middle of February and the weather can really restrict going outside for formals. One of the nice things about shooting weddings in Vermont is that if there isn't any foliage and the ground is covered in ice and snow, as in this case at the Ira Allen Inn in Arlington, Vermont, we can always go to a nearby covered bridge to use as a backdrop. We actually lucked out on the temps as it wasn't too cold. They were so nervous before the ceremony and by the time they had said their vows and the formal shooting started they really relaxed and had a great time and loved the shots we were getting on the bridge. We had to pause a couple times to let cars go through and got a lot of thumbs up and cheers of congrats as folks passed by. Here are a few from that day. So happy for these two and I wish them many happy days ahead!




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